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Aram Bajakian (guitar, composer, educator, musician) is an accomplished guitarist. His music has been called “a masterpiece”, “shape-shifting”, “astonishing” and “amazing” (FreeJazzCollective), July 2017, and March 2017, respectively.Bajakian served as an instrumentist with Lou Reed, Velvet Underground singer, during his 2011 & 2012 tours. In 2013, Bajakian toured in Diana Krall’s band, performing over 100 concerts with the multiple-Grammy-award-winning singer, […]

Aram Bajakian: Navigating New Territory

Queens’ guitarist Aram Baijakian is a master of the genre. Aram Bajakian was playing James Hetfield riffs at Lou Reed’s funeral. He also performed with Freddie Green and improvised John Zorn music in a matter days. Bajakian is a resident of New York’s Downtown. This group includes composers, improvisers and guitarists like Zorn. They are very catholic. Their inspiration comes […]