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It seems that there are fewer and fewer bands that include button accordion as an instrument in their repertoire. Most modern bands have a mix of keyboards, guitars, bass guitars and drums. But, accordions are not common. No. No. Although there are still one or two modern bands which proudly incorporate accordions in their music, it would still take a lot of convincing before several people buy the idea of listening to accordion-accompanied music on a regular basis. Those who want to learn more about accordion can check out bands such as Those Darn Accordions, a rock-and roll band with an interesting twist. TDA members Susan Garramone, and Susie Davis promise that they will do their best to change people’s perceptions of accordion.

What is the current state of people’s knowledge about accordions (another name for squeezeboxes)? One, accordions can be bulky and lack modern sophistication. Squeezeboxes are a more complex, “pleated” version of keyboards. Although squeezeboxes date back to the 18th century, they have more modern models that are sleeker in appearance, but accordion seems outdated by today’s band standards. Squeezeboxes are frequently ridiculed in sitcoms and cartoons. Squeezeboxes are, however, a popular instrument for John Linnell, Boozoochavis, and Beau Jocques.

The accordion sound is unbeatable in music. Music is created when the ‘pleats” of the squeezeboxes alternately compress and expand. The button accordion is an older keyboard-like squeezebox that allows musicians to press buttons to produce a pleasant melody. This can be especially true when accompanied with other instruments like guitars and drums. TDA’s four members play accordions, while the two others play bass guitar and drums. What is the result? Let’s just say people love it. The wonders of squeezeboxes were discovered long before TDA. The rich musical heritage of the Scots includes accordion. Scots or not, squeezeboxes can be appreciated by anyone who gives them a chance. Younger generations, as adventurous as they may be, should make it an effort to listen to modern accordion bands in order to enhance their musical sensibilities and add variety to their playlists.