There's a LOT of guitar lesson sites out there. Millions of Youtube videos. Scale and chord generators. 

They're all great. 

But what I'm trying to do here is different. Like most guitar players I love playing and performing. I've been an active member of NYC's music scene for over a decade, and eventually found myself playing guitar for Lou Reed, Diana Krall and John Zorn. I still tour and perform every year all over the world. 

But in addition to this, I love to teach. I have a Masters Degree in Music Education from Teachers College at Columbia University - one of the best education schools in the world. For the past twenty years, I've taught all ages and levels, from preschool to graduate students.

My site is student-based and hands-on. I'll teach you what you want to learn, whether it be about basic picking techniques and chords, how to get out of musical ruts, or how to work with other musicians effectively - I'll cover it, and more.

There's a two week free trial, so join the community and I'll teach you - no pressure.

Here's what Scott has to say about it:

"I’ve not seen anything remotely like what Aram is doing. He will personally critique your playing/songwriting videos, answer questions, reply by making videos specific to your needs and help you develop your skills whether you’re learning your initial cowboy chords or prepping to audition for Fiona Apple’s band. "

And here's what Maggie has to say:

"I've wanted to do my own version of "Caravan" ever since I heard Jon Hassell's version back in the 90's and then when I heard Marc Ribot's, I really knew I wanted to have a go at it, but could never quite crack what was going on and how to get inside the tune. Aram's vids about the diminished scale and how it plugs into the changes and the melody totally opened my eyes and ear not just to "Caravan," but to a whole new way of thinking about music and how to play it on the guitar.

The guy will change your life for the better."


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