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“An exemplary jack of all trades.”

The Village Voice

“Bajakian shatters melody, evoking downtown noise and surf rock.”

The Wall Street Journal

There were also flowers in hell

“Every track single, every song strong. A MINOR”

Robert Christgau, Expert Witness, Vice, November, 2015.

“The record reveals Bajakian is a sardonic singer, a masterly performer and a purveyor if excellent tones who finds new twists in one the most traditional musical forms.”

Adam Perlmutter Premier Guitar – August 2014

“One the best instrumental rock records in recent years.”

New York Music Daily

“Mind-bogglingly intense in its punkrock ingrained assault.”

Brad Cohan New York CIty Jazz Record

“The stunning ‘Loutone’ is a buzzing shimmering tribute of Lou Reed Rent Party”. This song may be the most catchy of all. It’s a dark groove with blues-like changes and a serious dose in post-rock. All this in 5 minutes.

FreeJazz, 4.5 Stars, Paul Acquaro

“Bajakian could be Marc Ribot’s next guitarist, but most importantly, he’s Ribot in the sense he’ll often do something no other guitarist would consider…sometimes Ribot.

Victor Aaron.

This is a wonderful stew of rock/blues/twang, with a furious blues backbeat…Requiem of 5 Pointz slows things down into an atmospheric and poetic tone poem that contains some sparks and energy shooting at the night sky.

Tim Niland Music and More

Flowers is an instrumental record, but Bajakian does not need lyrics to tell his stories. He blends jazz, noise, and other elements with little effort, or hides it well if that is the case.

Andrew McNally. Post Grad Music Reviews

Lou Reed:

“The Velvet Underground’s White Light, White Heat” is a winner, with Bajakian whipping off a delicious supper.

You can sing fast and have infectious fun, while the garage-rock blasts off. It is a thrilling ending to an entertaining evening.

Nights of uncompromising quality

Independent UK. Review 8/12/12 Lou Reed Performance, Royal Festival Hall.

Diana Krall:

“The best part about the show was Mr. Bajakian singing “How Deep is the Ocean” in Wes Montgomery style.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Review of Heinz Hall concert, 4/9/13

“By The Third Song, There Ain’t No Sweet Man worth the Salt of My Tears, Krall & co.

It was a good feeling to be in a rhythm with Aram Bajakian, guitarist. He worked his magic in the very first of many electrifying moments.

Toronto Sun – Review of the 2/21/13 Massey Hall Performance

“Aram Bjakian created wild, enthusiastic, and angry solos which gave life a new dimension.

“Sing these lovely songs of yesteryear.”

Le Soir, Belgium. Review of Diana Krall’s 10/29/12 Brussels Performance

Aram Bajakian’s Kef

“Aram is one of the few guitarists who think outside of the box today.”

Something Else Reviews

Aram Bajakian (Brooklyn guitarist) is another in a long line New York City’s masterful musicians.

“Experimentalists” are those who mix jazz, world, noise, and rock into an indecipherable Avant-Garde blend.

Scott Morrow, Alarm Press

“Do not touch this pot without taking care, lest it melt your fingers.”

Chris May from All About Jazz

“Bajakian’s song “Scabies”, might be the album’s masterpiece… It is noisy, but just like the great

1980s quartet Last Exit (whose thunderous jazz the track sounds like)

You can hear the musicians listening to each other.

Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“The interlocking guitarists of Marc Ribot Jon Madof and Aram Bakkian parry with and feint

All throughout the album, there is an intense intensity. “The visceral charms and force of such force are unmistakable.”

Chris Nickson. All Music Guide

“Aram Bajakian, East Village no-wave tradition plays his guitar like it’s a percussion tool, according to Bajakian

Instead of composing notes or chords, shoot sparks.