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Aram Bajakian

Aram Bajakian was born 1977. He is an American guitarist, Armenian descent, who has recorded with Lou Reed and Diana Krall.

Bajakian holds a Bachelor of Music degree. University of Massachusetts Amherst Undergraduate study at. Yusef Latif , a Master’s Degree in Music Education Teachers College at Columbia University , and a Masters of Music degree (Music Composition) from the University of British Columbia There he studied electronic music. Keith Hamel Marc Ribot John Zorn introduced Bajakian, who then released Bajakian’s debut album. Tzadik Records . Bajakian moved to Vancouver with his family in 2013 to allow his wife to study ethnomusicology in the University of British Columbia.

Welcome To Aram's Biography

Bajakian performed as an instrumentalist with Lou Reed, Velvet Underground’s frontman, during his 2011 and 2012 tours. In 2013, Bajakian toured in Diana Krall’s band, performing over 100 concerts with the multiple-Grammy-award-winning singer, along with violinist Stuart Duncan (Yo-Yo Ma’s Goat Rodeo, Robert Plant) and drummers Karriem Riggins (Kanye West, Common, J-Dilla) and Jay Bellerose (Elton John, Rhiannon Giddens). Bajakian has been able to play at some of the best venues in the world through these and other tours.

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