Discover the Wonders of Accordions

It seems that there are fewer and fewer bands that include button accordion as an instrument in their repertoire. Most modern bands have a mix of keyboards, guitars, bass guitars and drums. But, accordions are not common. No. No. Although there are still one or two modern bands which proudly incorporate accordions in their music, it would still take a lot of convincing before […]

Music on Main

Aram Bajakian (guitar, composer, educator, musician) is an accomplished guitarist. His music has been called “a masterpiece”, “shape-shifting”, “astonishing” and “amazing” (FreeJazzCollective), July 2017, and March 2017, respectively.Bajakian served as an instrumentist with Lou Reed, Velvet Underground singer, during his 2011 & 2012 tours. In 2013, Bajakian toured in Diana Krall’s band, performing over 100 concerts with the multiple-Grammy-award-winning singer, […]

Aram’s history, net-worth….

Aram Baskian (American guitar player) is Armenian. He has recorded and toured together with John Zorn and Diana Krall (Diana Krall), as well as Madeleine Peyroux and John Zorn. Scroll down for more information about Aram. Salary, earnings, as well as incomprehensible data. Aram Bajakian or the Family Aram Bajakian was an acclaimed Musician. Aram Bjakian, 44, was born in […]

Aram Bajakian: Navigating New Territory

Queens’ guitarist Aram Baijakian is a master of the genre. Aram Bajakian was playing James Hetfield riffs at Lou Reed’s funeral. He also performed with Freddie Green and improvised John Zorn music in a matter days. Bajakian is a resident of New York’s Downtown. This group includes composers, improvisers and guitarists like Zorn. They are very catholic. Their inspiration comes […]

An Armenian Triptych Retraces the Past

The video and album have been viewed/played hundreds of thousands. Kim Kardashian and Serjiankian tweeted about their event to their followers. You’ll find talent wherever you look. Bajakian is an accomplished guitarist/composer and has performed with Lou Reed, Diana Krall, and other artists. Mourad is also a performance/visual artist. Semerdjian meanwhile is an award-winning author and musician as well an educator. Semerdjian as […]

The Serpent and the Crane

Alan Semerdjian and Aram Basejakian The Serpent and the Crane. Grants provided by the Armenian General Benevolent Union Performing Arts Grant. Reviewer: George Wallace Alan Semerdjian’s ambitious new project The Serpent and the Crane is the perfect example of collaborative performance. This winning confluence is made up of poetry and music, with ethnically-oriented social consciousness as spoken word albums. Semerdian […]