Dálava has been called “a masterpiece” (http://acousticmusic.com ),  "groundbreaking" (straight.com), “a work of creativity and imagination par excellence” (http://inner-magazine.com> ), and it “combines the richness of the old with the freshness and boldness of the new like no one else has done before” (somethingelsereviews.com).

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The video above contains footage from Dr. Vladimír Úlehla's 1932 film about Czech folk life entitled Disappearing World.

there were flowers also in hell:

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About there were flowers also In hell. 

When I was 10 I remember my Uncle came over with a 1940s Steel guitar and played some slide blues on it. He's a master slide player, and throughout my teenage years, he would take me to blues shows. We sat on the side of the stage at a BB KING show, and you could feel his sound in your chest. And I'll never forget the immense vibrato of Clarence Gatemouth Brown. While I'm not an old school blues player, this music has left a deep impression on me. I originally set out to make a blues record, but with Shazhad and Jerome playing in their beautiful way, it turned into something very different. At times it's funny, at times it's regal, and times it's dense and chaotic like the city I live in. I still think it's a blues record. It's just a blues that comes from living in Queens and raising a family in this great crazy city. 

aram bajakian's kef:

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Tzadiks’s newest Spotlight series focuses on exemplary young bands with great dedication, passion, talent and imagination. This third release features the debut recording of Brooklyn-based Aram Bajakian’s newest unit Kef, named for the Armenian dance music that combines both traditional and western instruments and influences, often in electrified bands. Aram is a shredding guitar player who is passionately proud of his heritage and is advancing the Kef tradition in very exciting ways by combining modern rock and noise with traditional Armenian forms. The music here rocks hard with exciting rhythms, searing guitar work and beautiful world music melodies, beautifully performed by a brilliant group of young lions.